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In the Great Commission Jesus calls us to “....go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you....” (Matthew 28:18-20). Our church seeks to be faithful to this calling by being salt and light and proclaiming the gospel in our community, and by participating in local, U.S., and World Missions.

We partner with both denominational ministries and other evangelical, Christ-centered ministries. See the pages to the right for more information.

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Missions Minded

"I will praise You, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing of You among the peoples." - Psalm 108:3

The scriptures tell us that Christ’s rule will extend to the very ends of the earth and that people from every tribe and tongue and nation will praise His name. First Presbyterian Church desires to be a part of extending the honor and glory of Christ’s name and proclaiming His salvation to the very ends of the earth. We desire to see Him exalted among the nations, therefore, we strongly believe in supporting world missions.

Missions Committee

Our world, stateside, and local missions efforts are all overseen by our Missions Committee. The primary job of this committee is to encourage and educate the congregation of its responsibility as Christians to “carry out the Great Commission.” The committee seeks to do this by praying regularly for our missionaries, bringing their needs before the congregation, hosting our yearly missions conference, and offering short term-mission trips.

Supporting Our Missionaries

We support world missions in two ways: we give approximately 25% of our church budget to local and foreign missions, and we give through “faith-promise giving,” giving over and above our regular giving to the church while trusting God to provide resources for world missions.

Short-term Missionary Opportunities

First Presbyterian Church believes experiencing the mission field firsthand can be a life-changing experience. Therefore, we offer opportunities for members of our congregation to go on both overseas and stateside mission trips. The committee also provides financial support from our church for those who go on mission trips. Contact the missions office regarding future short-term trips.

Annual Missions Conference

"All the nations You have made will come and worship before You, O Lord; they will bring glory to Your name." - Psalm 86:9

Each year in February our church hosts a world missions conference in which we hear from some of our missionaries. This keeps the cause of missions before us as a congregation and reminds us to pray, give, go, and celebrate what Christ is doing throughout the world.

Meet Our Missionaries

The following missionaries are supported by First Presbyterian Church. Those with stateside addresses primarily work in or in behalf of foreign fields. All missionaries are with MTW unless otherwise indicated.

  • Jim & Sue Akovenko - The Seed Company/Wycliffe, Dallas, TX
  • Beth Almeida - Wycliffe Bible Translators, Grand Prairie, TX
  • Brian & Karen Anders - Wycliffe Bible Translators, Tanzania
  • Brad & Agi Baker - Church Resource Ministry, Hungary
  • Mark & Janet Baxter - YWAM, Jacksonville, FL
  • John & Diane Bowers - Proclaim, Jacksonville, FL
  • Rodney & Jana Davila - Chile
  • Robert & Debbie Hale - Africa
  • Joe & Becky Harrell - Colombia
  • Johnny & Annette Johnson – Czech Republic
  • Robert & Kim Jones - London Theological Seminary, London, England
  • Johnny & Becky Long – World Harvest Mission, England
  • Peter & Ana Lucaciu – Romanian Evangelical Medical Mission, Romania
  • David & Jill Martin - Ukraine
  • Wayne & Amy Newsome - Japan
  • Don & Melanie Roths – Campus Crusade for Christ, New Zealand/Pacific Islands
  • John & Cathy Rug - Chile
  • Roger & Dianne Smalling - USA/Latin America
  • Ron & Peg Smith - Caribbean
  • Wiley & Karon Smith – Dalton, GA, Medical Missions
  • Susan Sundeen - Mexico
  • Carolyn Thompson – LOGOI, Miami, FL
  • Johan & Stephanie Van der Westhuizen - Chile
  • Melinda Wallace - Ukraine
  • David & Joy Weaver – TEAM, Philippines
  • Tom & Teresa Wilson - Japan
  • Sensitive areas – Jill, Jud & Jan, Mike & Mary, Tim & Nicole, Jeff & Mischa, Patrick & Amy, Mark & Bridget

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